Welcome to the Far Isles

The Farisles Medieval Society is a reenactment group for people from all walks of life, who share an interest in the Middle Ages (600 - 1605AD).
Since 1976 the Far Isles has, through revels, tournaments and workshops, encouraged learning and experience of medieval living. Members take on a 'Persona' for many of these events, such as nobles, peasants, soldiers or clergy from any country.
The Far Isles has a large presence in the South East of England, but there are members spread through the United Kingdom and beyond.
To learn more about us, please use one of the links provided in the menu which should be on the left for 'desktop' users and at the bottom of the page for those using their mobiles. To see current and past events please see our Calendarium.

Craft Event at Ringsfield Hall

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Late May Bank Holiday 2018 will see a 4 day revel. An event to celebrate the Arts and Sciences, His Majesty's May Court and the wedding of Master Havok to the Lady Asta. If you are interested contact us through this site. The venue is Ringfield eco centre;  http://www.ringsfield-hall.co.uk/

There is a booking form here too!

Come, Join the fight!

Ever thought of having a swordfight in the 'Game of Thrones' style?
Have nothing to do on a Friday night?
...or, perhaps, you're used to chasing elven archers off the field, 'For the Horde'?
We have games. We have swords. We might even have a throne somewhere. We have archers. Some of us do resemble orks (especially after two days of doing combat display!). And we meet Friday nights.
What more do you want?

South Norwood Community Festival (2nd July)

Traditionally, we're in the lineup for the SNCF in 2017. This year it's scheduled for Sunday, the 2nd of July, all day (well, from 9-ish to about 6-ish). We will split our forces, as half of our fighters are attending the Small Holders show. But no worries there - we'll just work twice as hard.

Our experience tells us it's a friendly event, done by the local community for the local community. Please visit www.southnorwood.net/festival.html for more details. It's free and it's for everyone.


Rudgwick Steam & Country Show (26th - 28th August)

Grey Goose Wing archery, the Far Isles Medieval Society and Wessex Invaders and Settlers Empire will be setting up their own living history corner at the Rudgwick Steam & Country Show. Attractions include archery range, training field and main arena fights as well as medieval crafts.


Small Holders Show (1st - 2nd July 2017)

Combatants from the Wessex Invaders and Settlers

Come and see us at the Small Holders & Country Show. This year, as always, we have been invited by the Grey Goose Wing Archery to stand our ground against (or with - they're friendly enough) Wessex Invaders and Settlers Empire in the main arena. Our 'living history' corner will comprise a Have A Go Archery, John 'Dino' Game's stall with weird and wonderful things, Barefoot Leather stall and hopefully some healthy food with historical background in the form of Cowley's Fine Foods' stall. And of course - us.



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